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GameSync Studios is an independent production company for esports. We cover the gaming world and create engaging stories.


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An Experienced Team Delivering Epic Value

We know how to shoot for and engage the demographic you’re targeting. Our team includes a network television news producer and a pioneer in the gaming center, esports marketing and consulting spaces. Our content can be utilized in any country and our reporters are mutlilingual. We’re based inside GameSync Esports Center (known as the “Mecca of Gaming” in San Diego) and our DNA is built on this dynamic, always-on facility, in business since 2012.

Our Work Is Sometimes Serious, Sometimes Funny, Always Shareable.

Esports Reporting

As gamers ourselves, we live the lifestyle and know how to communicate to your audience. We can travel to any location to produce timely, relevant stories.


Turn your ideas into reality. We combine our experience in short film to create captivating pieces and outstanding content that enthusiasts want to watch, re-watch and share.

Global White Label

We deliver a finished product with your brand, in your language, ready for broadcast. We’re light, efficient, and can travel anywhere, including major gaming hubs in the USA.

Best in Class Solutions for Any Project

We have an experienced team of shooters for events, interviews, docuseries, product launches, commercials, and conferences. We offer a full gambit to scale up or down depending on your requirements using single or multi-camera, with optional talent, editors, field producers, audio engineers, steadycams and lighting. We can shoot B-roll, natpack with sound bites and much more.

We’re Here to Help

Check out our FAQ below for some common questions and answers:

What is the best way to obtain a free consultation?

Please scroll down this page for our contact information. Feel free to give us a call. If you don’t get a live operator, you can text us at our business number for the most reliable response (we get tons of incoming spam and don’t want to miss your message).

How big is the competitive gaming sector?

This question, while commonly asked, has many answers. It all depends on your network utilization rate, your rate of occupancy, which is directly tied to your business plan and how well it’s executed, along with a host of other factors. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll get into all the details!

Why does your portfolio include only a few videos?

When we sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), we are bound to it’s terms. Unfortunately, we are not legally able to provide work that we have done for our clients as we are operating under an NDA with them.

How much do you charge?

We don’t have any set price. Instead, we work within your budget and are flexible to your needs. We don’t want to be a barrier of entry for you and do whatever it takes to make our services affordable and painless. We exist to help you succeed.

How soon will I hear back from you?

If you called us and left a voice message or you sent us a text message, we typically respond to inquiries within just 2-3 hours!



Not into Esports Yet? You Should Be.

The market’s been proven: videos centered on gaming have generated massive global audiences online, beating almost every major sport. Our team lives in that world and can translate gamer’s wants and needs to create compelling, engaging content, every time.

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Our studio is located inside GameSync Esports Center in San Diego, California.

+1 858 522 9434

7370 Opportunity Road, Suite G
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